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Chiropractor Fort Bragg – Burning Incense Effects Your Health

What do you associate with incense burning? Meditation? Spirituality? Religion? Room freshening? Whatever you associate with incense, the only thing you probably never associate with incense is respiratory disease. Watch this video now because once you do, you may never burn incense again. Just click on the Red More Button in your email or the …

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You Don’t Have to Suffer

Why do you suffer? Don’t you know that you don’t have to? I have discovered that there are three primary reasons why people suffer: First, they don’t know any better. Second, they are doing everything they know but it’s not helping, or it’s just temporary. And last, it’s not a priority to change it. Let’s …

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Stress kills

Stress kills. But not all the time, just most of the time. Stress, applied in a healthy way can be beneficial to health. But that’s only when you’re out in the wilderness and a saber tooth tiger wants you for lunchmeat. Then, when your fight or flight instinct kicks in, stress is appropriate. Or when …

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