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Weight management

Have you ever known anyone to struggle with weight issues? Why is it so difficult? Is there an answer that is not a gimmick? READ MORE


Have you ever known someone to suffer from pain, numbness or tingling that travels down their leg, maybe even into their foot? Pain relievers aren’t enough.  READ MORE


Have you ever heard someone say “Regular headaches are part of my life, so I guess I have to put up with the pain”? Great news, that does not have to be the case.  READ MORE

Chronic Inflammation

Have you known anyone suffering with pain from chronic inflammation? Inflammation can be chronic or acute. Acute inflammation is the body’s normal, good response to help heal a new injury.  READ MORE

Back and hip Pain

“My low back and hip pain always makes it so hard for me to get things done!”RELIEVING news… you do NOT have to live that way!! Did you know there’s NO such thing as “normal” regular low back or hip pain?  READ MORE

Digestive Issues

Have you ever known someone to suffer from constipation or diarrhea? Just imagine the effect that chronic constipation and diarrhea can have on someone’s life.  READ MORE


Have you ever known someone to suffer with arthritis, perhaps in the hips, spine or hands? Arthritis that occurs in the spine is usually osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis also commonly occurs in the hips, knees and hands. How does it happen?   READ MORE


Have you ever known anyone unable to enjoy the beauty of Springtime, because of allergies? People often turn to medicine for themselves and children. Problem solved! Or is it? Are allergies caused by being born with not enough medicine in the body?   READ MORE


Have you ever known a child who has been diagnosed with, or is suspected to have ADHD? Let’s kick things off with a quiz. True or false, ADHD and ADD are different conditions?  The answer is false.   READ MORE

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