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We have added a natural treatment for Neuropathy to our practice and we’re honored to offer this to our patients and their families. Dr Micah has been training to effectively treat this debilitating condition using a new combination of therapies and supplements without having to resort to prescription drugs. Neuropathy is extremely debilitating, with over 30+ million people struggling.

Neuropathy is described as numbness, burning and tingling most commonly found in the feet but this can also be in the hands as well. There are 4 Stages of Neuropathy, much like cancer. Like any other disease, it will only get worse over time without treatment. Simple activities like walking, sleeping and wearing shoes become difficult and eventually impossible. You know neuropathy is bad once your balance begins to be drastically affected.

We are here to help and serve you. If you or someone you know is suffering with this awful condition, call our clinic to schedule a neuropathy evaluation ASAP.

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Many neuropathy pain sufferers are thrilled with our new, cutting-edge treatment.

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