Procrastination Linked to Poor Mental & Physical Health

Are you a procrastinator? A procrastinator is defined as “a person who habitually puts off doing things.” Procrastination has been linked to increased anxiety, stress, pain, unhealthier lifestyles, and delays in seeking assistance for general health problems. Clinical trials have shown that cognitive behavioral therapy is effective at reducing procrastination. Like the video so far, …

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Health Benefits From Daily Gratitude

Can living a life of gratitude improve your health? Several studies found gratitude’s health benefits include: * improved quality of sleep,  * better blood pressure control,  * enhanced immune function,  * decreased levels of depression and  anxiety,  * increases in life satisfaction, and so much more! A recent study revealed cardiac patients at high risk …

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Pediatric Drug Testing Awareness

Harry Shirkey, a medical practitioner, coined the term “therapeutic orphans” over 40 years ago to describe how children are overlooked in medical research and his observations remain true today. Despite the best efforts of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), nothing has really changed. Guesstimating MedicineThe fact is that …

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